Beth Coxlove is an aspiring erotic fiction writer who has been writing in secret for thirteen years. She has been editing other people’s writing for half that time. It’s about time she tries to publish something of her own!

She describes herself as a quitter, a procrastinator, a feminist, strong, and control freak. She truly believes all Meg Ryan movies could be perfect if they were remade without her. If she pursued her PhD, it would be about inequality in nudity in film and television.

Beth lives in Australia with her imaginary cats, and has found a man who is not a hallucination or a card-board cut-out of Patrick Swayze.  is single, safe, and happier now.

She started this blog because she knows more about writing about writing, than actually writing.

She also thinks writing in third person potentially makes her sound like a stuck-up idiot. She’s not wrong.

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